Cash Flow And Go

Integrated payments makes this a complete solution for any professional wanting to streamline their business. Are you ready to take control of your business? Our integrated payments makes your payday even easier. With integrated payments you decide how and when you get paid!

All while keeping your business and your clients secure. You are going to save time and generate more revenue with Elite Salon Booking Software!

Simplify your payment process & increase cash flow.

Checkout easily and securely.

Payments accepted anytime, anywhere.

Makes doing business with you easier.

All-in-one solution.

Online & Mobile Checkout.


Virtual Assistant

Our Elite Salon Software is like having team of people helping you run your business, and SUCCEED! In a virtual world, we need a virtual team! Elite's Virtual Assistant will allow your clients to have full view of your available time with the click of a button. The options to assign to your Virtual Assistant are unlimited, and we are here to help along the way. Here are a couple popular options!.

Schedule Availability.

Customers will see your available time and be able to book time with you from anywhere on your personalized app! No need to hire a person to answer phones! .

Booking a Service.

Not only will customers be able to see your availability, they will be able to book any service with your personalized app. Our Elite Team will help you setup your suite of services.

Paying for Services.

All in one software. Our integrated payments allow you to accept payment via your personalized app – and even request deposits or full payment to prevent cancellations and no-shows!

Meet Elite Assistant

Meet your virtual friend! Having amazing technology at fingertips is what will separate your business from your competitors!

It's Your Business, So Make it Yours!

When you partner with Elite Salon Booking you will have a partner that understands the value of having your own Brand. You are building a business, and it should reflect the ideals that you've founded your business on. That's why our Elite Team has made this software so customizable! Our system has the tools you need to look professional to your clients all while streamlining your business operations. Start customizing today!"

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Client Relationships

Client relationships are more important than ever today. With everyone on a device communication with your client must come from a source that you know will reach them. What better way that via the device they used to book your services! Elite understands that managing and keeping clients engaged can be tough. However, with our Elite Salon Booking tool, you will be able to touch all of your clients with a simple click! Sending out messages to your clients has never been easier, and we are here to help set you apart from the competition! Reach out today to get started!


It’s Your Time

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Reporting for a business is essential! Elite Salon Booking has reporting capabilities that will help you track your businesses day-to-day productivity all the way to your progressive growth. Having a good reporting tool allows you to make important decisions that you feel confident about. Let us show you today!

Business summary reports

Employee reporting

Client retention

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